Historic Preservation and Restoration

We are constantly working on historical orders and produce specialist orders, pinnacles, crockets, jambs, all types of friezes, as well as historic fireplaces and other items. Our stonemasons artistically manufactured stylish jambs for the Cathedral Church in Danish Roskilde, a fountain for the monastery in Loccum in Lower Saxony, cornices for the lighthouse of Skagen in Denmark, as well as specialist works and entire spires for the Wiesenkirche in Soest in Westphalia.

Obernkirchener Sandstein® is suitable as a material for any construction style. We can provide traditional craftwork with the highest quality and precision. We avail of a long history and extensive experience in the production of material for restorations.
In addition, builders throughout Europe have appreciated the high quality and durability of our stone for centuries.


Balusters (derived from the Greek word for the pomegranate flower) are short columns, normally with a round cross section. They are also called "rungs of a ladder".


A column is a perpendicular, free-standing support. Columns classically support rooftops, gables, arches or arcades of a building, either replacing walls completely or partially.

Custom pieces

Stone carvings in Obernkirchen have a thousand-year tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Cut stones

Cut stone refers to material which has had its visible surfaces processed either by machine or by hand.

Floor plates

Sandstone floor coverings are timeless. Generally, sandstone is considered open-pored and soft; worn down steps and well-sanded surfaces are a frequent occurrence.


Fountains were indispensable to the water supply of cities and settlements in the time before the installation of water pipes.


The sphere is a classic yet timeless form. In architecture it serves as decoration on rooftops or at the foot of the stairs, in gardens and landscaping, as an ornament in flowerbeds or as a design element.


Stairs are levels that go up or down to enable a comfortable and slip-resistant way to overcome height differences.