For over 100 years, the blocks taken from the quarry have been transported for further processing to the Steinhauerplatz (stone mason’s square). The original stone cottage has been developed with extensions and additional machines to form today's factory.

The factory now comprises four production halls, which are all arranged around the traditional stone cottage. The production facilities include a log saw and gang saws, milling and grinding machines, a variety of bridge saws and a modern processing centre. In addition, space is provided for stonemasons to do their work, which is intrinsically connected with the tradition of this site. This ensures the highest quality of craftsmanship in one of the oldest crafts in the world.

Modern manufacturing techniques allow us to optimally adapt to the needs of our customers. Using the latest CNC controlled machines for stone processing, we are able to complete even the most complex projects for our customers in a time and cost efficient manner. The production of individual pieces is possible, as is series production with larger volumes. The interaction of machine and solid craftsmanship helps us to meet the demands of our customers with regards to architecture, design and quality.