Floor plates

Sandstone floor coverings are timeless. Generally, sandstone is considered open-pored and soft; worn down steps and well-sanded surfaces are a frequent occurrence. But Obernkirchener Sandstein® is a clear exception, as it is not only frost resistant, but can also withstand winter salt.

Since the completion of Cologne Cathedral in 1880 and for almost 60 years in the Lübeck Cathedral, our Obernkirchener Sandstein® has had to withstand a lot of demands which are probably not typical for more standard floor coverings. While resilience and abrasion resistance is a priority for these public church buildings, optics, acoustics and emotion are more important for private use.

Obernkirchener Sandstein® is an impressive material. On the one hand, it radiates warmth and comfort, on the other it embodies coolness and practicality without taking away from this comfortable feel. The variety of possible surface finishes helps to create the desired emotional effect of the floor covering.