Garden and Landscape Design

Obernkirchener Sandstein® is traditionally used in garden and landscape architecture. In addition to the design of flowerbeds, the fencing of land or the creative separation of surfaces, it is suitable for creating very individual objects such as sculptures and other artistic stone designs. Its fineness, compact nature and resistance to weathering and the environment make it enduringly popular for garden and landscape design.


Balusters (derived from the Greek word for the pomegranate flower) are short columns, normally with a round cross section. They are also called "rungs of a ladder".

Bird baths

Similarly to birdhouses, bird baths help to care for birds. In addition, when well placed, they can also provide a good opportunity for bird watching.

Floor plates

Sandstone floor coverings are timeless. Generally, sandstone is considered open-pored and soft; worn down steps and well-sanded surfaces are a frequent occurrence.


Fountains were indispensable to the water supply of cities and settlements in the time before the installation of water pipes.

Landscape stones and sandstone rocks

Landscape stones are large rectangle blocks used in the design of urban squares and as an element of spatial separation or distinction in gardens and landscaping. Increasingly, they are also used for rustic street furniture.

Paving stones

Surface designs made of sandstone are timeless and always have a modern feel. As an exterior paving stone, Obernkirchener Sandstein® is abrasion-resistant, prestigious and easy to care for.


The sphere is a classic yet timeless form. In architecture it serves as decoration on rooftops or at the foot of the stairs, in gardens and landscaping, as an ornament in flowerbeds or as a design element.


Stairs are levels that go up or down to enable a comfortable and slip-resistant way to overcome height differences.

Wall stones

Wall stones are used in all different kinds of walls. Classic dry stone or quarry-stone walls in the garden, fixed over one or two layers with mortar, help to divide spaces or provide a boundary to a plot of land.