Variations in Colour, Structure and Texture

footprints for eternity

Obernkirchener Sandstein® is known for its clarity: a finely-grained sandstone, with a fundamentally elegant and gentle basic shade. Its basic colours range from white to grey through to a warm and sunny yellow. The gentle shading can also merge into a strong contrast with dark brown.

The yellow colour comes from the mineral limonite and the grey through carbon elements. Weathering causes limonite to be released in the stone and it wanders to the outer surfaces of the ornamental stones. As a result, these become darker, without reducing the overall strength of sandstone. Other traces of small fossil indentations can be found in the form of shells, or the remains of grasses or wood, that all leave their mark and make each stone unique.

Please note that Obernkirchener Sandstein® is a natural product. Each stone is unique. Various shades, different nuances of the same colour spread, different intensities of banding and occasional remnants from the Cretaceous period are an intrinsic feature of our stone.