Østre Landsret (Eastern Regional Court)

Denmark, Copenhagen

In the middle of the Danish capital of Copenhagen, the landscape architecture firm Schönherr K/S redesigned the area in front of the Østre Landsret. The slight slope of the terrain was achieved using an inclined surface of polished Obernkirchener Sandstein®. The walking area was set off with solid, polished stones, which set out the different slants parallel to the ground in some parts, and in others, parallel to the ascending path, lending it a creative aesthetic.

The water runs through an underground trough gutter, which the surface water accesses through rectangular openings at the ends of the individual sandstone slabs. By avoiding the use of other materials, such as metal, the paved area gives a harmonious and symmetrical appearance.

Schønherr K/S, Copenhagen, Rasmus Grandelag
Slots- og Ejendomsstyrelsen