Leibniz University Welfengarten

Germany, Hannover, Welfenplatz 1

In 2016, part of the access route to the main building of the Leibniz University was repaved as part of an overall redesign of the Welfengarten. The Welfengarten behind the main building was remodelled to take account both of its historical importance and the requirements of its users today.

The renewal of access routes was completed according to a design from the original court architect Christian Heinrich Tramm. The building was first occupied by the Technical University in 1879 and is now the main building of the Leibniz University. The route which runs from this building to the adjacent tram stop is designed to fit in with the original masonry work on the site and consists primarily of paving stones made of Obernkirchener Sandstein®.

Lohaus + Carl Hannover
State Construction Management Hannover