Centralbank Hessen

Germany, Frankfurt am Main, Taunusanlage 5

In 1986, the Hessen Central Bank was built in a central location in Frankfurt am Main.  The architectural firm Jourdan and Müller from Frankfurt am Main won first place in the international competition for the planning and implementation of the building.   The new central bank was awarded with the German Natural Building Stone Prize (Naturwerkstein-Preis) in 1989.  4,500 square metres of Obernkirchener Sandstein® were used for the facade, with the same amount again required for the solid stone work.

“The variety in the treatment of the visible parts of the stone surfaces, chiselled or diamond-cut and ground, highlights the plasticity of the stone relief, emphasises the body of the structure and allows it to be experienced haptically.” (Architects-ARGE, Prof. Jochem Jourdan)

Architektenbüro Prof. Jourdan und Müller, Professor Jochem Jourdan, Bernhard Müller
Landeszentralbank in Hessen