Catherine Palace Saint Petersburg

Russia, Saint Petersburg-Pushkin

Following the death of Catherine I, her modest 16-room mansion in the newly renamed “Tsarskoye Selo” was extensively rebuilt and extended by order of her daughter Elisabeth I.  However, as Elisabeth wasn’t happy with the result, she had the mansion rebuilt again between 1751 and 1756 before finally using it again as a summer residence.

While her successor Peter II only spent a week in the palace, Catherine the Great regularly used it in the summer.  The Tsar residence, which is made from Obernkirchener Sandstein®, is located in Puschkin (formerly Tsarkoye Selo), approximately 25 km from Saint Petersburg.

Mikhail Zemtsov, Andrey Kwassow, Giuseppe Trezzini, Sewa Chevakinsky
Empress Elizabeth I.