Bad Lippspringe State Garden Show

Germany, Bad Lippspringe, State Garden Show

Pictures of a Landscape is a garden that appeals to the senses: Just close your eyes and listen to the wind in the leaves, allow yourself to get caught up in all four seasons, and discover the many facets in each change.

Winding paths lead to a central area that overlooks the four different areas. Linear structures, such as water and mirror elements, guide your gaze into the distance with a view over the hills and valleys. A rolling landscape of raised beds creates sunny and shaded areas. Other frames reveal walk-in areas which trigger your sense of hearing and smell. For explorers, there are changing garden spaces, which also offer quiet havens for those looking to relax.

The Pictures of a Landscape garden was planned and implemented by the company Gerber Garten und Landschaftbau using Obernkirchener Sandstein®. The Bad Lippspringe State Garden Show is open from 12th April to 15th October 2017.

Gerber GmbH Garten- und Landschaftsbau